Contract law is one of the broadest areas of civil law. A contract is defined as an agreement between two or more persons with the aim to establish, modify or terminate a civil legal relationship, whereby one or more parties undertake to take certain actions (or refrain from taking other actions) against the other party or parties and the latter acquire a right of action.

The contract should reflect the expectations, commitments and action plan of the parties for its implementation: in other words, provide for time limits, price and liability for non-performance of the contract. In many cases, individuals are negligent about the texts and formalities of contract until they face problems demonstrating the fact of concluding the contract, interpreting the terms and conditions of the contract, choosing the right form, grounds for invalidity of the contract or the consequences of non-performance of the contract. We recommend you consult a lawyer before entering into a contract so that you can choose the appropriate form of contract, provide the essential terms and conditions in it and assess in advance the threats in the event of non-performance of the contract.

Our team has experience and provides consultations in the following areas:

  • Purchase and sale agreement (wholesale purchase and sale agreement, goods purchase and sale agreement, item purchase and sale agreement, business purchase and sale agreement, etc.)
  • Distribution agreement
  • Agreement of carriage, agreement of freight forwarding
  • Lease agreement (agricultural land, vehicles, buildings, commercial premises, apartments, etc.)
  • Service contracts
  • Commercial agency agreement, brokerage agreement, agency agreement
  • Advertising agreement
  • Consulting agreement
  • Franchise agreement
  • Joint venture agreement
  • Share purchase and sale agreement, shareholders’ agreement, option agreement
  • Employment contract, confidentiality agreement, non-competition agreement
  • Loan agreement, financing agreement, investment agreement