The utilisation of intellectual property allows it to be commercialised, developed and increased in value. Typically, intellectual property consists of copyright, trademarks, industrial design, commercial (production) secrets, software developed, know-how and others. These intellectual property objects are protected by laws and contracts. Through our experience, we can help you make the right decisions for the protection and/or commercialisation of your intellectual property. know-how ir kiti. Šie intelektinės nuosavybės objektai yra ginami įstatymais bei sutartimis. Panaudodami savo patirtį, galime Jums padėti priimti tinkamus sprendimus intelektinės nuosavybės apsaugai ir/ar jos komercializavimui.

Our team has experience and provides consultations in the following areas:

  • Trademark registration, trademark transfer, preparation of licence agreements
  • Trademark protection and defence against unfounded claims, copyright, protection of trade secrets
  • Representation in disputes involving intellectual property objects
  • Representation and/or consulting in concluding contracts on the transfer, use and acquisition of intellectual property objects